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The TRY Method teacher training workshop returns in 2021

Team TRY is excited to announce the next TRY Method virtual teacher training workshop will be May 8 and 9, 2021.  Registration for this workshop is open now and the spaces are filling up. Class size is limited to 25 people to ensure a uniquely intimate experience for each participant. Below is a link to the registration page for the May workshop. A second … Continue reading The TRY Method teacher training workshop returns in 2021

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TRYing in the time of the coronavirus

Have you been considering a Trauma Recovery Yoga class, but you are hesitant because you think the poses might be too complicated, you won’t be good enough, or perhaps you think you need some fancy yoga attire? Or are you like me and you just can’t “people” yet? Or maybe you don’t think you have the “perfect” studio set up at home? Last Sunday night … Continue reading TRYing in the time of the coronavirus

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Virtual training takes off

As we all attempt to adjust to life in lockdown during this pandemic, the TRY method training team put together two very successful live participation online teacher training sessions via Zoom in April and May. Feedback from participants has been extremely positive and encouraging. The training workshop utilizes Zoom as the platform. Class size is limited to 25 people to ensure a uniquely intimate experience. … Continue reading Virtual training takes off

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The TRY Method ~ Introducing our new website!

Please please please take 5 minutes and visit our brand new website? It’s the grocery store, we want a lot of traffic to ensure higher search rankings throughout its lifespan. Since the beginning of May, we’ve been working hard to build our new training website for Trauma Recovery Yoga. It launched today and I’m thrilled!  Concise, easy to navigate, and packed full of information about Trauma … Continue reading The TRY Method ~ Introducing our new website!

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Addiction, Recovery and TRY

“Addiction is not a choice anybody makes. It’s a response to emotional pain.” ~ Gabor Mate, MD The science behind Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) is taught in the 20 hour TRY Teaching Training workshops by Dr. Nicole Anders, Phd. The first topic we discuss is Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), that is, experiences from birth and throughout childhood development which cause toxic stress to a child. … Continue reading Addiction, Recovery and TRY

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TRYing during #socialdistancing

This time of self-quarantining that we are all living through right now is uncomfortable, challenging, and just plain weird. My guy and I are very social creatures, and to be deprived of interacting with our friends, going to shows, eating out, and just plain leaving our house once in a while without fear of contracting a deadly disease is a big thing. We are both … Continue reading TRYing during #socialdistancing

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TRYing at the Clark County Coroner’s Office

Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg has been in his position for many years.  But when the horrific shooting happened on October 1, 2017 at the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas, it is completely understandable that he and his staff were unprepared for the onslaught of the event.  An average day sees perhaps 8-10 cases.  For the Coroner’s office staff to suddenly be … Continue reading TRYing at the Clark County Coroner’s Office

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“Life will never be the same” ~ so now we TRY

A mother should never have to bury her child.  The unimaginable pain is something I wouldn’t even know how to survive. But Joyce Bosen did survive, and she is now helping others to heal from their own traumas.  It was her determination to overcome the helplessness the grief brought into her life that lead to the creation of Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY).  She had been … Continue reading “Life will never be the same” ~ so now we TRY

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Trauma Recovery Yoga ~ Our year in review

2019 was a year of tremendous growth and outreach for Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY), both locally and globally. With TRY teacher training workshops held every month, our organization has trained almost five hundred people in this unique method which combines yoga, science and psychology to help those who have endured trauma or live in crisis to find peace. Our founder, Joyce Bosen, took on the … Continue reading Trauma Recovery Yoga ~ Our year in review

“The Cupcake Girls ~ Sweetness and Support for Sex Workers and other Humans”

Joy Hoover and her husband Phil met when she was 17 and he was 25 and they both worked at an evangelical fundamentalist Christian church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  But wait, don’t leave ~ that’s not where they are now! They aligned on many things, number one being that they wanted to make an impact in the world and they wanted people who felt they … Continue reading “The Cupcake Girls ~ Sweetness and Support for Sex Workers and other Humans”

TRY … helping and healing

Trauma Recovery Yoga, LLC (TRY) is a non-profit filled with helpers and healers.  What is trauma?  The dictionary has several definitions, but in our application, the most fitting seems to be “an emotional upset”.  Your personal trauma needn’t have made the news.  It may not be known to anyone except you. Or, you may have been in a group, as those who attended the Route … Continue reading TRY … helping and healing

Yoga and the Military

Yoga is gaining momentum as a therapy option within various organizations, and the military is one of them.  The VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System, a Veterans Affairs Hospital in North Las Vegas, offers yoga classes which utilize the Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) philosophy for Veterans who are struggling with PTSD and/or pain management. The VA psychologist who runs the PTSD group therapy program using yoga suggested … Continue reading Yoga and the Military

Meditation over Medication

One of the things we say in Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) is #meditationovermedication.  Meditation is an important part of the TRY sequence.  As students are in the down dog position, a resting pose for the internal organs, they are encouraged to say “I ams” to themselves, basically self-affirmations to encourage a shift in attitude and also to keep the mind distracted from wandering to dark … Continue reading Meditation over Medication

Dr. Nicole Anders, Phd ~ The Psychology of Trauma

Dr. Nicole Anders, Phd, is one third of the Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) Teacher Training team.  She and TRY co-founders Joyce and Darwin Bosen teach a 20 hour workshop in Las Vegas once a month at the Downtown Yoga and Wellness Co-op; additional workshops are held in locations around the U.S.   Trauma Recovery Yoga is a method created by Joyce Bosen after the tragic death … Continue reading Dr. Nicole Anders, Phd ~ The Psychology of Trauma

TRY meets DYWC meets DRIVEN

It’s fitting that the main offices of Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) are located inside the Driven NeuroRecovery Center in downtown Las Vegas.   Joyce Bosen, co-founder of TRY, is the epitome of the word driven.  She is all about helping people heal from whatever tragedies resulting in trauma they have experienced.   “All I do is this work. All I teach is trauma. All I breathe, and … Continue reading TRY meets DYWC meets DRIVEN

Erika Vilar, TRY Executive Director~Holding hands and hearts

A back injury was Erika Vilar’s introduction to yoga years ago. She refused to use the muscle relaxers recommended by her physician. She knew they would render her unable to properly function as a mom. She found that yoga provided the healing she needed; the joy it gave her was the unexpected surprise. She turned to yoga once again when her marriage ended. It broke … Continue reading Erika Vilar, TRY Executive Director~Holding hands and hearts

What is Mindful Movement by TRY?

Ever think about the stress that youngsters go through and how they deal with it? Mindful Movement by TRY (Trauma Recovery Yoga ~ TRY for Kids) classes are offered in partnership with the City of Las Vegas in over a dozen valley schools.  Over 10,000 students and staff benefit from these classes, increasing stress relief and improving behavior and grades.  The number of classes will … Continue reading What is Mindful Movement by TRY?

From DUI to TRY

The stories we hear in Trauma Recovery Yoga are awful, but what manifests afterwards is heartwarming. In this recent story, most significant to me was the compassionate response of the victim’s father to Matthew, his ability to see further into the future, past his own loss and grief, to perhaps give himself hope that this person who took away his child, could learn a lesson, … Continue reading From DUI to TRY

A Warrior for Inner Peace and Self-Love

Leland Holgate, Sr. is a U.S. Air Force veteran who has practiced yoga for over twelve years.  He discovered the healing power of yoga after he was severely injured post-service.  On R&R following time in combat, he was involved in a wave runner accident; he knew immediately he was badly injured when he hit the water.  He was desperately depressed after discovering the accident had … Continue reading A Warrior for Inner Peace and Self-Love

705TRY and how it changes lives…

In 2015, my spouse of over thirty years shot himself as I sat in front of him.  It was traumatic, awful and everything else.  I immediately experienced a weird, disturbing, indescribable physical “vibration” in my legs, which nothing seemed to alleviate. It wasn’t pain, it was just there.  It wasn’t something you go to a medical doctor and say, “There’s a vibration in my legs.”  I lived with … Continue reading 705TRY and how it changes lives…

Local for All by The Cupcake Girls ~ #dtlv

This morning I attended the official groundbreaking for @localforall, a project by the @cupcakegirlsorg, on their new building in the Arts District of downtown Las Vegas! The Cupcake Girls provide support and assistance referrals for sex workers, adult entertainers and victims of sex trafficking. They do so with no agenda, no judgment, and no fees to their clients. The Cupcake Girls provide some in-house services … Continue reading Local for All by The Cupcake Girls ~ #dtlv