Las Vegas became my home in 2013.  Since then, a lot has happened.  Two years ago, in search of a better me, I attended a Trauma Recovery Yoga class taught by Joyce Bosen; she had created the method to help herself heal from the trauma of her son dying.  One hour later, I knew I needed this in my life.

Are you breathing in, or are you breathing out?”

Joyce B.

I had been a woman who all my life never, ever had a desire to do yoga. Never. And then, it became something that I did every week. And I got better. The excruciating tension headaches that had forced me to seek pharmaceutical remedies went away. The strange, indescribable “vibration” in my legs that had plagued me since my own trauma in 2015 lessened, eventually disappearing. And I was meeting good, loving people who make it their mission to help others heal.

Trauma Recovery Yoga at The 705
every Wednesday 5:45pm

In 2017 I started hosting T.R.Y. classes at The 705, my commercial building on Las Vegas Blvd. The event attracted others in pain and I saw their healing; it gave me a warm feeling, fulfilling me in a way that eased my own inner pain.

Fast forward to January 2019. In a meeting that was filled with loving words, good tears, and long hugs, Joyce asked me if I would be the official documentarian for T.R.Y and the newly formed Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-op. I was thrilled and excited. I felt I’d lost my identity over the past few years, sort of floundering in a confusion of what my life would be next. And now, I was being asked to give back to the very thing that was helping me on this healing journey. Write and take pictures? Those are two things I love to do anyway ~ how could I say no?

I am now the best version of me, living my best life, with the love of my life.

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