Hi-Fi Lowbrow, A Show at Alpha Voyage Gallery

It’s delightful to find an art gallery that does such a nice job promoting and displaying local artwork. That is Alpha Voyage Gallery where Kim Johnson has partnered with Glynn Galloway for their latest show, Hi-Fi Lowbrow.

Kim’s paintings of various beauties are rich with deep color tones, rich textures and moody in so many ways. Staring into the eyes, one can’t help but be taken into a contemplative state, imagining the inspiration and thought that went into each ethereal creation. Kim has collaborated with her father, Mel Johnson, on some pieces with his gorgeous natural wood frame creations. Two examples are “Luminary Moon and “Engaging Venus”, petite bites of goodness, one of which will be going home with a certain blogger.

Glynn’s repurposed vintage/antique found objects sculptures each evoke a different experience, from the almost tribal quality of “Agretta”, created with fabric, wire and animal horns, to the antique semi-religious feel of the equisite “Duplicity”, which has, as the name implies, two sides with the good/evil dichotomy.

Kim and Glynn purposefully selected music to pair with their pieces for a sensory immersive gallery experience.
Hi-Fi Lowbrow opened last night and will be available for viewing through May 5, 2019. This is definitely a “must-see” exhibition.
Alpha Voyage Gallery 3105 W. Tompkins AvenueLas Vegas NV 89103

“Luminary Moon” and “Engaging Venus” by Kim Johnson, 2019 – framework by Mel Johnson

“Lost and Found in a Desert Bloom”, “Swallowing a Dream”, “The Parts We Bury”, “The River In Your Eyes”, “We Become the Flowers” and “Into Dust” by Kim Johnson, 2019.
“Agretta” by Glynn Galloway, 2019.

The artists – Glynn Galloway and Kim Johnson.

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