Changes to the TRY team

The mission of Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) is to “help people, help people”; that is, we help those who have experienced trauma to heal and go forward with their lives. Our “TRYb” is comprised almost entirely of people who themselves have experienced trauma, who have found healing through TRY, and are going forward with our lives. That said, our latest news is Brenda “B” Hershey, who we met in last month’s blog post, has accepted a job as Field Coordinator for STEP-IN, a non-profit that provides medical care to refugees in Iraq. She will manage the STEP-IN office and the medical teams’ operations. Brenda will be moving to Kurdistani, Iraq on January 1, 2020. She plans to teach TRY classes to the refugees and/or the medical teams. She will continue to act as TRY’s Director of Community Engagement, managing the Members’ Site and helping recruit and market for trainings. We are so pleased for her; it falls perfectly in line with her future plans to work for the United Nations. We wish her much success!

Brenda graduated with a Masters Degree in Community Development & Action from Roosevelt University this month!

Some amazing people have been trained and mentored by our founders, Joyce and Darwin Bosen, and they will be taking over the training after January 2020.  Joyce and Darwin will be the trainers for the January 2020 teacher training workshop.  This will perhaps be the last opportunity to learn from the founders – as Darwin has returned to his position at Three Square, Southern Nevada’s only food bank, where he will be feeding people’s bodies, and Joyce will be focusing on public speaking, in which she will be feeding people’s souls.

TRY founders Darwin and Joyce Bosen.

Trauma Recovery Yoga is science-based yoga movements combined with self-regulation tools of orientation, grounding, centering and breathing. The method is easily adapted to be accessible to all levels regardless of age, including chair- or bed-bound individuals. It has been tested, evaluated and adjusted since our founder, Joyce Bosen, first developed the method in 2012. Trauma is a global health epidemic; TRY training is valuable for those who have experienced trauma, as well as individuals caring for others who have been affected by trauma or are living in crisis. Our method can help those suffering from insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, shallow breath, social anxiety, hypervigilance, involuntary thoughts, flashbacks and other effects of trauma being held in the body.

These are the self-regulation tools; they can be utilized anywhere, not just on a yoga mat.

TY teacher training workshops are offered in Las Vegas as well as in other states every other month.  The next Las Vegas teacher training will be held January 24-26, 2020.  There will be a teacher training in Lake Havasu, Arizona the weekend of February 21-23, 2020.  The teacher training workshops are 20 hours over three days.  The course is not just for yoga teachers; social workers, educators and administrators, healthcare professionals, those who work with PTSD survivors and First Responders, these are just some groups who will also benefit from the intensive information provided.   Not all who are certified will go on to use their training to teach, but may utilize the information and tools acquired in other places, such as classrooms, healthcare and therapy sessions.   Trauma Recovery Yoga teacher training provides 17 hours CEU (Nevada) for social workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Clinical Professional Counselors; 20 hours approved for Yoga Alliance for Yoga teachers. 

It has been an amazing year for TRY and we look forward to serving our community – and the world – as we train more and more amazing individuals to bring the method to those in pain.

The partnership between TRY and the Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-op has flourished; our founders Joyce and Darwin are grateful to be working with Co-op partners Samantha Okamura and Gy Lorick.  The Co-op’s story says, “We are a collaborative of teachers and healers who believe that self-care is health care. We strive to cultivate a safe space for our diverse and inclusive community to heal, grow and breathe together. Join us!” speaks for TRY, as well.

Darwin and Joyce Bosen join Samantha Okumura and Gy Lorick in the mission to heal the world.

Additional information about Trauma Recovery Yoga may be found on our website at  Class schedules and descriptions, workshop information and more about the Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-op can be found on the website at

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