The TRY Method ~ Introducing our new website!

Please please please take 5 minutes and visit our brand new website? It’s
Unlike the grocery store, we want a lot of traffic to ensure higher search rankings throughout its lifespan.

Since the beginning of May, we’ve been working hard to build our new training website for Trauma Recovery Yoga.

It launched today and I’m thrilled!  Concise, easy to navigate, and packed full of information about Trauma Recovery Yoga, our website tells you who we are, what our mission is,  and how we deliver training to the world with the goal of helping people to help people. 

We’ve added lots of photos and informational videos, including TRY founder Joyce Bosen’s TEDx video! 

TRY Founder Joyce Bosen delivered her TEDx talk in December 2019. View the video on our website.

Listening to Joyce tell the story of why she created Trauma Recovery Yoga will touch your heart and give meaning to our mantra, We Rise by Lifting Others.

“The TRY method is for everyone. This organization facilitates empathy for others, self-compassion and global healing by training individuals in the TRY method of yoga, science, and psychology. What makes the TRY method unique is its grounding in neuroscience and understanding of how the brain processes trauma. The TRY method helps people recover and let go after crisis or trauma.”

Check out the different sections,  push the buttons,  and learn what we do.  Perhaps you or someone you know will benefit from our TRY 20 Training.  There’s a whole section on what you get when you attend our workshop. 

Each participant will receive a Hug in a Box filled with goodies!

Thanks to technology and a stellar Team TRY, our first virtual Trauma Recovery Yoga  teacher training last month was a success!

Our team quickly adapted an online platform to meet our workshop needs.

Our next online training is this week – Thursday May 28 and Friday May 29.  Registration for this training closes at 5pm today (Wednesday 5/27) ~ our next training registration will open in September.

Again, please take a look at our new website and let us know what you think! Feel free to reach out if you have questions or comments.

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