TRYing in the time of the coronavirus

Have you been considering a Trauma Recovery Yoga class, but you are hesitant because you think the poses might be too complicated, you won’t be good enough, or perhaps you think you need some fancy yoga attire? Or are you like me and you just can’t “people” yet? Or maybe you don’t think you have the “perfect” studio set up at home?

Last Sunday night I was scrolling on FB and was surprised to see Max Carter (TRY Yoga with Max) had gone LIVE and was preparing to do his regular Sunday Slowdown class.  I say I was surprised because I knew he had left Las Vegas at 4am on a long road trip hauling a horse trailer to pick up a pony for his granddaughter. But there he was, sitting in the back of the very cold horse trailer on the side of some road in Texas starting the class. Max’s devotion to his TRY classes is phenomenal.

As we navigate our way through new experiences in the time of a global pandemic, online teaching has become a practical solution to meet people where they are. We have several TRY certified teachers who are doing virtual TRY classes, both chair and full method. Each teacher sets their own time frame and pricing. They may be teaching from Instagram Live, Facebook Live, or YouTube live. In addition, some of our teachers are also holding private or group online classes. And we also have a few who are carefully opening up for very small in-person individual and group classes.

As the manager of the Trauma Recovery Yoga teacher training website, I am constantly updating our information. My most recent project is reaching out to TRY certified teachers who are currently teaching and collecting class information from them. I am creating a page for each teacher. There’s something for everyone. You can find a teacher and their offerings here in the Find a Class folder:

Have you visited our website yet? We talk about our mission, the team members, the TRY Method teachers and their class offerings, connect to our YouTube class video library, and so much more!

Trauma Recovery Yoga is a method of healing from trauma which can be practiced by anyone. The full sequence is 45 minutes on a yoga mat, but our signature statement about the method is #youryogayourway. You may not feel like doing yoga on a mat, or you may prefer or need to practice in a seated position. We have a few people who teach a specific chair class. Even bedbound individuals may benefit from the method. The power of visualization is phenomenal. I have personally been in a chair yoga class where a woman in a wheelchair paralyzed from the neck down participated. Crucial aspects of the TRY Method include visualization, self-affirmations and meditation.

In addition to live online and in-person classes, you can access videos of past classes on our YouTube channel if you want to see how the method works. Go here and click on a video to watch:

If you have questions about the TRY Method, feel free to reach out to us via the Contact Us feature on the website.

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