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TRYing in the time of the coronavirus

Have you been considering a Trauma Recovery Yoga class, but you are hesitant because you think the poses might be too complicated, you won’t be good enough, or perhaps you think you need some fancy yoga attire? Or are you like me and you just can’t “people” yet? Or maybe you don’t think you have the “perfect” studio set up at home? Last Sunday night … Continue reading TRYing in the time of the coronavirus

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Virtual training takes off

As we all attempt to adjust to life in lockdown during this pandemic, the TRY method training team put together two very successful live participation online teacher training sessions via Zoom in April and May. Feedback from participants has been extremely positive and encouraging. The training workshop utilizes Zoom as the platform. Class size is limited to 25 people to ensure a uniquely intimate experience. … Continue reading Virtual training takes off

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The TRY Method ~ Introducing our new website!

Please please please take 5 minutes and visit our brand new website? It’s the grocery store, we want a lot of traffic to ensure higher search rankings throughout its lifespan. Since the beginning of May, we’ve been working hard to build our new training website for Trauma Recovery Yoga. It launched today and I’m thrilled!  Concise, easy to navigate, and packed full of information about Trauma … Continue reading The TRY Method ~ Introducing our new website!

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Addiction, Recovery and TRY

“Addiction is not a choice anybody makes. It’s a response to emotional pain.” ~ Gabor Mate, MD The science behind Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) is taught in the 20 hour TRY Teaching Training workshops by Dr. Nicole Anders, Phd. The first topic we discuss is Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), that is, experiences from birth and throughout childhood development which cause toxic stress to a child. … Continue reading Addiction, Recovery and TRY

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TRYing during #socialdistancing

This time of self-quarantining that we are all living through right now is uncomfortable, challenging, and just plain weird. My guy and I are very social creatures, and to be deprived of interacting with our friends, going to shows, eating out, and just plain leaving our house once in a while without fear of contracting a deadly disease is a big thing. We are both … Continue reading TRYing during #socialdistancing

Local for All by The Cupcake Girls ~ #dtlv

This morning I attended the official groundbreaking for @localforall, a project by the @cupcakegirlsorg, on their new building in the Arts District of downtown Las Vegas! The Cupcake Girls provide support and assistance referrals for sex workers, adult entertainers and victims of sex trafficking. They do so with no agenda, no judgment, and no fees to their clients. The Cupcake Girls provide some in-house services … Continue reading Local for All by The Cupcake Girls ~ #dtlv

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TRYing at the Clark County Coroner’s Office

Clark County Coroner John Fudenberg has been in his position for many years.  But when the horrific shooting happened on October 1, 2017 at the Route 91 country music festival in Las Vegas, it is completely understandable that he and his staff were unprepared for the onslaught of the event.  An average day sees perhaps 8-10 cases.  For the Coroner’s office staff to suddenly be … Continue reading TRYing at the Clark County Coroner’s Office

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“Life will never be the same” ~ so now we TRY

A mother should never have to bury her child.  The unimaginable pain is something I wouldn’t even know how to survive. But Joyce Bosen did survive, and she is now helping others to heal from their own traumas.  It was her determination to overcome the helplessness the grief brought into her life that lead to the creation of Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY).  She had been … Continue reading “Life will never be the same” ~ so now we TRY

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Trauma Recovery Yoga ~ Our year in review

2019 was a year of tremendous growth and outreach for Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY), both locally and globally. With TRY teacher training workshops held every month, our organization has trained almost five hundred people in this unique method which combines yoga, science and psychology to help those who have endured trauma or live in crisis to find peace. Our founder, Joyce Bosen, took on the … Continue reading Trauma Recovery Yoga ~ Our year in review

Changes to the TRY team

The mission of Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) is to “help people, help people”; that is, we help those who have experienced trauma to heal and go forward with their lives. Our “TRYb” is comprised almost entirely of people who themselves have experienced trauma, who have found healing through TRY, and are going forward with our lives. That said, our latest news is Brenda “B” Hershey, … Continue reading Changes to the TRY team