UNLV Medical Students are TRYing

The UNLV School of Medicine’s 180 inaugural students are enjoying a fully renovated and improved (2017) learning center which will serve as the interim medical education facility until the new medical school building on just over nine acres is built. Recently I was given a mini tour of the facility by Dr. Anne Weisman, the school’s Director of Wellness and Integrative Medicine. Dr. Weisman holds … Continue reading UNLV Medical Students are TRYing

Max Carter From broken heart to helping heart

Max Carter’s perfect life came crashing down in the beginning of 2017.  Karen, his beloved wife of 30 years, fell from her horse and suffered a fatal brain injury.   It was just four short weeks after I started hosting a Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) class in my commercial building that Max and I became connected.  I was posting announcements about the class in various  Facebook neighborhood groups, and … Continue reading Max Carter From broken heart to helping heart

LiShey Johnson. Why Not Me?

Two years ago LiShey Johnson was employed by a local casino as their Director of Events.  She was working the VIP tent at the Route 91 Country Music Festival, a 3 day event, on October 1, 2017.  People were having a great time. “Over 72 hours you get to know each other and you look forward to seeing the guests the next day.”  At about 10:15pm … Continue reading LiShey Johnson. Why Not Me?

“The Cupcake Girls ~ Sweetness and Support for Sex Workers and other Humans”

Joy Hoover and her husband Phil met when she was 17 and he was 25 and they both worked at an evangelical fundamentalist Christian church in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  But wait, don’t leave ~ that’s not where they are now! They aligned on many things, number one being that they wanted to make an impact in the world and they wanted people who felt they … Continue reading “The Cupcake Girls ~ Sweetness and Support for Sex Workers and other Humans”

TRY … helping and healing

Trauma Recovery Yoga, LLC (TRY) is a non-profit filled with helpers and healers.  What is trauma?  The dictionary has several definitions, but in our application, the most fitting seems to be “an emotional upset”.  Your personal trauma needn’t have made the news.  It may not be known to anyone except you. Or, you may have been in a group, as those who attended the Route … Continue reading TRY … helping and healing

Yoga and the Military

Yoga is gaining momentum as a therapy option within various organizations, and the military is one of them.  The VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System, a Veterans Affairs Hospital in North Las Vegas, offers yoga classes which utilize the Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) philosophy for Veterans who are struggling with PTSD and/or pain management. The VA psychologist who runs the PTSD group therapy program using yoga suggested … Continue reading Yoga and the Military

Meditation over Medication

One of the things we say in Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) is #meditationovermedication.  Meditation is an important part of the TRY sequence.  As students are in the down dog position, a resting pose for the internal organs, they are encouraged to say “I ams” to themselves, basically self-affirmations to encourage a shift in attitude and also to keep the mind distracted from wandering to dark … Continue reading Meditation over Medication

Dr. Nicole Anders, Phd ~ The Psychology of Trauma

Dr. Nicole Anders, Phd, is one third of the Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) Teacher Training team.  She and TRY co-founders Joyce and Darwin Bosen teach a 20 hour workshop in Las Vegas once a month at the Downtown Yoga and Wellness Co-op; additional workshops are held in locations around the U.S.   Trauma Recovery Yoga is a method created by Joyce Bosen after the tragic death … Continue reading Dr. Nicole Anders, Phd ~ The Psychology of Trauma

Unraveling Identity ~ Denise Duarte

Denise Duarte’s current exhibition at the Sahara West Library is at once mesmerizing and intriguing. “Unraveling Identity” examines the metaphor of the botanical universe to discuss the language of human sexuality and gender identity. My guy and I were able to stop by for a brief peek at the exhibit during Denise’s “Artist Walk and Talk” last week. We unfortunately did not have the length … Continue reading Unraveling Identity ~ Denise Duarte