Meditation over Medication

One of the things we say in Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) is #meditationovermedication.  Meditation is an important part of the TRY sequence.  As students are in the down dog position, a resting pose for the internal organs, they are encouraged to say “I ams” to themselves, basically self-affirmations to encourage a shift in attitude and also to keep the mind distracted from wandering to dark … Continue reading Meditation over Medication

Artful Yoga by Jenny Skies

Jenny Skies wants to help you get the emotions and experiences you’ve unwittingly stored over the years on to a canvas in a concentration of color and abstract random designs – to literally “get the issues out of the tissues”. I do believe that what I have to offer is just another modality of healing. Using art and yoga, it’s a creative and gentle way … Continue reading Artful Yoga by Jenny Skies

What is Mindful Movement by TRY?

Ever think about the stress that youngsters go through and how they deal with it? Mindful Movement by TRY (Trauma Recovery Yoga ~ TRY for Kids) classes are offered in partnership with the City of Las Vegas in over a dozen valley schools.  Over 10,000 students and staff benefit from these classes, increasing stress relief and improving behavior and grades.  The number of classes will … Continue reading What is Mindful Movement by TRY?

Kids and Teens Yoga Teacher Training workshop

Do you work with children or teens?  The 20 hour Kids & Teen Yoga Teacher Training workshop presented by Yoga for Life may be just what you need.  This training will give you the necessary tools for effectively teaching fun and safe yoga poses, basics of philosophy for young minds, and how to inspire the love for movement and caring for their own minds and … Continue reading Kids and Teens Yoga Teacher Training workshop

“Reiki Restore Relax”

Restorative Yoga with Nancy Pasquale and Reiki with Michele Ficano combines to give you an optimal relaxing, refreshing and yet energizing experience in this 2 hour session. As with many yoga and meditation sessions, we start with focusing inward and connecting with our breath.  Restorative yoga is simply the centering of your breath and body, that is, aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness … Continue reading “Reiki Restore Relax”

DTLV Co-op Featured Client ~ Tiera McQuater

The first time I saw Tiera McQuater was in a Chair Yoga class at Downtown Yoga and Wellness Co-op.  I was nervous enough just being in this new role as documentarian for the Co-op and sitting in on a class, taking notes and photographing the session.  I felt inadequate and awkward having never met an individual with quadriplegia before.  I didn’t want to offend her … Continue reading DTLV Co-op Featured Client ~ Tiera McQuater