Denise Stanga – Trauma Release Massage

Denise Stanga and I met in a Las Vegas Trauma Recovery Yoga teacher training workshop.  Neither of us are yoga teachers, but both of us were compelled to explore the magic that is Trauma Recovery Yoga.  A medical assistant by profession, Denise has 20 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist with a focus on integrative bodywork.  She employs Swedish, myofascial release, connective tissue, … Continue reading Denise Stanga – Trauma Release Massage

Fabulous Story Tours with Brian ‘Paco’ Alvarez

Fabulous Story Tours is a great way to get to know this town from Paco, an individual who is very well versed in Las Vegas art, culture, history, and architecture.  Brian ‘Paco’ Alvarez is a native of Las Vegas, born, raised and educated here.  His extensive list of board appointments and employment history gives this colorful individual a unique perspective of Las Vegas.   Today we … Continue reading Fabulous Story Tours with Brian ‘Paco’ Alvarez

“Reiki Restore Relax”

Restorative Yoga with Nancy Pasquale and Reiki with Michele Ficano combines to give you an optimal relaxing, refreshing and yet energizing experience in this 2 hour session. As with many yoga and meditation sessions, we start with focusing inward and connecting with our breath.  Restorative yoga is simply the centering of your breath and body, that is, aligning the physical and mental by practicing stillness … Continue reading “Reiki Restore Relax”

DTLV Co-op Featured Client ~ Tiera McQuater

The first time I saw Tiera McQuater was in a Chair Yoga class at Downtown Yoga and Wellness Co-op.  I was nervous enough just being in this new role as documentarian for the Co-op and sitting in on a class, taking notes and photographing the session.  I felt inadequate and awkward having never met an individual with quadriplegia before.  I didn’t want to offend her … Continue reading DTLV Co-op Featured Client ~ Tiera McQuater

Painting Cities to Life 2019

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” It was such a lovely afternoon last Sunday that we rode our bikes downtown and stopped to see the “coloring books” in front of the Zappos Campus at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd. and Stewart Avenue. We met three of the student artists and got to chat with them … Continue reading Painting Cities to Life 2019

“I am safe, I am peaceful, I am present.”

The first class I participated in at the Downtown Yoga & Wellness Co-op was Chair Yoga.  The class was taught by Joyce Bosen, co-founder of Trauma Recovery Yoga.  The yoga space is large, clean and full of natural light.  It’s a welcoming, safe space.  A half dozen individuals came in and positioned themselves in the room; 2 were in wheelchairs and one came in on … Continue reading “I am safe, I am peaceful, I am present.”