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Trauma Recovery Yoga ~ Our year in review

2019 was a year of tremendous growth and outreach for Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY), both locally and globally. With TRY teacher training workshops held every month, our organization has trained almost five hundred people in this unique method which combines yoga, science and psychology to help those who have endured trauma or live in crisis to find peace. Our founder, Joyce Bosen, took on the … Continue reading Trauma Recovery Yoga ~ Our year in review

Changes to the TRY team

The mission of Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) is to “help people, help people”; that is, we help those who have experienced trauma to heal and go forward with their lives. Our “TRYb” is comprised almost entirely of people who themselves have experienced trauma, who have found healing through TRY, and are going forward with our lives. That said, our latest news is Brenda “B” Hershey, … Continue reading Changes to the TRY team

TRY … helping and healing

Trauma Recovery Yoga, LLC (TRY) is a non-profit filled with helpers and healers.  What is trauma?  The dictionary has several definitions, but in our application, the most fitting seems to be “an emotional upset”.  Your personal trauma needn’t have made the news.  It may not be known to anyone except you. Or, you may have been in a group, as those who attended the Route … Continue reading TRY … helping and healing

Yoga and the Military

Yoga is gaining momentum as a therapy option within various organizations, and the military is one of them.  The VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System, a Veterans Affairs Hospital in North Las Vegas, offers yoga classes which utilize the Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) philosophy for Veterans who are struggling with PTSD and/or pain management. The VA psychologist who runs the PTSD group therapy program using yoga suggested … Continue reading Yoga and the Military

Dr. Nicole Anders, Phd ~ The Psychology of Trauma

Dr. Nicole Anders, Phd, is one third of the Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) Teacher Training team.  She and TRY co-founders Joyce and Darwin Bosen teach a 20 hour workshop in Las Vegas once a month at the Downtown Yoga and Wellness Co-op; additional workshops are held in locations around the U.S.   Trauma Recovery Yoga is a method created by Joyce Bosen after the tragic death … Continue reading Dr. Nicole Anders, Phd ~ The Psychology of Trauma

TRY meets DYWC meets DRIVEN

It’s fitting that the main offices of Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) are located inside the Driven NeuroRecovery Center in downtown Las Vegas.   Joyce Bosen, co-founder of TRY, is the epitome of the word driven.  She is all about helping people heal from whatever tragedies resulting in trauma they have experienced.   “All I do is this work. All I teach is trauma. All I breathe, and … Continue reading TRY meets DYWC meets DRIVEN

Erika Vilar, TRY Executive Director~Holding hands and hearts

A back injury was Erika Vilar’s introduction to yoga years ago. She refused to use the muscle relaxers recommended by her physician. She knew they would render her unable to properly function as a mom. She found that yoga provided the healing she needed; the joy it gave her was the unexpected surprise. She turned to yoga once again when her marriage ended. It broke … Continue reading Erika Vilar, TRY Executive Director~Holding hands and hearts

Artful Yoga by Jenny Skies

Jenny Skies wants to help you get the emotions and experiences you’ve unwittingly stored over the years on to a canvas in a concentration of color and abstract random designs – to literally “get the issues out of the tissues”. I do believe that what I have to offer is just another modality of healing. Using art and yoga, it’s a creative and gentle way … Continue reading Artful Yoga by Jenny Skies

What is Mindful Movement by TRY?

Ever think about the stress that youngsters go through and how they deal with it? Mindful Movement by TRY (Trauma Recovery Yoga ~ TRY for Kids) classes are offered in partnership with the City of Las Vegas in over a dozen valley schools.  Over 10,000 students and staff benefit from these classes, increasing stress relief and improving behavior and grades.  The number of classes will … Continue reading What is Mindful Movement by TRY?